Why are we able to dream? What is behind the reason why we dream? Has a dream a meaning? or is it an extra gift that we possess? So many questions and so few answers. Even though we know how and what thanks to many studies. For example we often dream during our REM stage. Or that a large part of our brains is sleeping while another small part remains awake.

Yet I find dreaming special..

There are many different theories about why we dream. A well-known theory is from Freud. He claimed that our dreams come from our subconscious. So the secret desires we humans have that not happens in real life but in stead in our dreams.
Therefore, it may be that your desires often appears more in dreams than in the “real” reality.

Sometimes I dream a very scary event that happened to me or my loved ones. The fear in my dream is so very present that after waking up I know exactly how I would feel if this happened in real life. But let’s hope it will not! This is also one of the many other theories about why we dream. We managed to survive in real life through our experiences we gain in our dreams.

Sometimes I see other people in my dreams and I know them some how! It is really strange but maybe I know them from my previous life? Or maybe I will meet them in the future!?

It looks like a adventure that starts as soon as you close your eyes and go to sleep. Is it a fantasy dream or a thriller dream? Is it positive or negative? Do you see yourself or do you only see other people, or no one? But only images and feelings that arise when you see it all.



Fortunately, we do not always remember our dreams. That’s because our short-term memory is not working properly while we are sleeping. Maybe even better because what if we could remember everything? Then we would perhaps see things differently and interact very differently. Maybe we would take life seriously or perhaps we would be crazy ?! ..

What do you think is the reason why we dream? Leave a message!

I still find it beautiful (sometimes scary unfortunately), and magic! I think the questions we have in this life is making this life so special..


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