Why writing is beautiful


When I write, I let go all of my attention to anything else. When I see something horrible on tv or in real life and I get upset about it, I write about it. You can place your feelings in a place. In this case a writing book. It also feels really nostalgic but I like that feeling. Maybe because its against this futuristic time..

I am not the type of people that has to show to everyone what I wrote. I write for my self. To calm my head and relax. And just to be honest, secretly I sometimes hope someone else will read it and then think wauw.. I think the same, I know exactly how she feels! Cause lets get real. In this life people want to have a chemistry, a bond or some kind of connection with other beautiful souls. There is nothing greater feeling then have that connection with someone and especially with people you don´t know. Why? Because you immediately create a bond between each other. And you feel there is a understanding.

But lets talk about the manner of writing. I think there has to be a respect. Also if you write for your self only. You never know who will find out your books/letters/journal! That is not the only reason.. If we write.. we are conscious at that moment about what we write. Right? So if we write something very bad then we let the bad take control our minds. In stead if we try to write things in a positive respectful way we act more like that. And if you look on the last comment, we act that behavior unconscious. So if we take control what we are able to control then we in a manner have control over the act on what we have no control over. The unconsciousness.

I don´t say; never write something that has to do with negativity. Not at all. I do that all the time! but I mean try to stay away from writing something very horrible. For example, very bad things about a person or a group. Try to write the situation and your feelings, that is ok. If you want me to be honest.. I often write when I am alone en feel horrible or sad. Writing is at that moment my therapy. I restore myself by writing.

What I find funny is that I often remind myself to write also when I feel happy. And so i keep doing that. In that way you keep diversity! (also good for the person who ”accidentally” reads some of your stories haha).

Maybe you think; what is she talking about. Or maybe you think; i know what she means. I just hope some of you can relate to this.

Please feel free to comment and let know. Follow en like for more!

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