OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) NR 1

Fashion, Fashion-

Hello Unimo’s!

Today i felt like I wanted to show you my OOTD. It is not anything special but why not? I often feel inspired when I see other outfits. So maby you also will be inspired to see mine?




I really like neutral colors. And also layers. Layers of clothing will make your outfit a bit more interesting, even if its not HAHA! But it really works. Especially if you wear one statement item. Just like mine striped t-shirt. Lately I go to the men department in several stores. I don´t know why but the fit is sometimes perfect. It is edgy, cooler and a little bit longer and it suits! The cotton fabric is mostly a bit harder than the ladies shirts but I like that because the model is better to see like this. So why not? If you look for a simple t-shirt or a blouse (like mine black blouse with knots) and you cant find anything? Look at the men’s department!


Outfit look again (better angle)


Black high waist jeans: ZARA
Tshirt: Monkey
Shirt: Men department haha! from H&M
Fake leather jacket: from Primark
Sunglasses: from http://www.brilerbij.nl
Watch: from Guess



Shoes from ZARA (last winter collection)

Hope you like it! If you want more let me know for sure !

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:by Unimo