OOTD 5 (outfit of the day)

Fashion, Fashion-

Hello beautiful Uni’s !
Today was a sunny day. I wanted to wear my All stars and my grey t-shirt so I did. I pared it with my black jeans skirt which I love.  It was a little windy that is why I wanted to not wear to thin.



Jeans skirt: from ZARA
Shoes: from Converse All Star
T-shirt: from Bershka
Necklace: from H&M
Sunglasses: from Brilerbij (.nl)

Here under you see my sunglasses. I really like these lenses because of the degrade tint in it. It gives a really maffia look haha.


These All Stars are so old. I have them many years! I think 5 years maybe.. I have really small feet as you noticed. This one was from the kids department! (it is sometimes cheaper also so I am very lucky I know..!)

The skirt is very different then usual because of the tearing you see here. One disadvantage of this is that when I sit the tearing gets bigger! I am still looking for a jeans skirt that has the same length without the tearing or a split opening! Despite of this detail I wear this skirt quite often. It feels and looks casual with the pockets and the ribbon.




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