OOTD nr 6 (outfit of the day)

Fashion, Fashion-

It was a warm day. But not too hot. So i decided to worn my lovely skirt I got from Monky. It looks very casual but not too much. You get me? It still looks classy because of the material hihi.

Skirt: from Monky
T-shirt: from Monky
Sneakers: Nike
Hair band: from H&M



The skirt you can wear it in 2 different ways. With or without the two bands. You can wear the bands criss cross or individual in two straight lines. If you don’t like the band you can remove them by unbutton them. I noticed that i don’t wear nail-polish anymore! I just to lazy the last few month. Don’t know why, just don’t have the patient to wait till the nail-polish is dry. And after a few days it already looks ugly pff. 😩



Uni’s I hope you don’t mind my smiley faces. I am still a bit new with this all and little bit uncomfortable to show my face, hope you understand! 😚😚


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