Review: Master Prime Maybelline


                                                              Hello beautiful Uni’s !

I have been looking for a good primer for some time now. One that does not dry out my skin. Last there was an action in my local drugstore; Maybelline second product for half the price. Since I often suffer from red-sensitive skin, I thought I’d like to try out Maybelline’s new master prime.
I already tested it in the store. I’ll be honest .. It pleased me well! It does not have that typical transparent gel texture. It feels between water and gel. And when you rub it out, it disappears to transparent. It’s so nice especially if you do not like to wear heavy makeup on some days or at all no make-up. The color itself is white with a very light green tint.

Foto 1: Primer
Foto 2: Primer wiped out


What is says on the website:
These three water-based primers are formulated for specific skin concerns. The lightweight and non-oily formula visually blurs skin tone imperfections, as it smoothes fine lines and helps makeup stay put. The formula does not clog pores.

I must say.. this primer makes your face look very natural. Even with foundations  or powder. I have often missed this with other primers of other brands. Finally, I have a primer who does!

It actually camouflages the red skin and neutralizes it in a natural way.

I have to be honest that I have an oily combination skin. If you do not like to have an oily skin at the end of the day, I would not recommend this. Personally, I have no trouble with this primer. That’s because it’s doing more good than bad. Normally I would have a bad hate but this time not. I wipe it off or remove my oil layer with a napkin. What else I think of this is that you can conceal your make-up easy trough the day. With some other primer this is not possible because it already ruined the texture of your skin.

– It makes your makeup look natural
– It neutralizes the red skin
– It it oil free.
– The price is good

– Your face will be a little bit of oil at the end of the day

If I could give a grade: 9 !


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