Top 5 Must-have nail polish colors Catrice


Hello beautiful Uni’s !!

Since I started with the Top 5 series, I thought to pack it well! I think that every woman must have these 5-color nail polish colors in order to get the most out of the tip top look! I often buy Catrice nail polishes. They are pretty cheap, beautiful shiny and the packaging just looks good! As an example, I take the CatRice ICONails Gel Lacquer, but of course, it does not matter which brand you use.
Let’s begin;



These 2 nude colors match with literally all clothing styles! You never get to hate it because it’s a timeless neutral color. I often use the top color. But sometimes I find the bottom color also nice because its nice bright.


nr. 27 Lana Del Rey


nr. 22 100% Cotton


Chique red

Red, red and still red! Everyone knows that red nail polish is really a must-have! It gives your appearance a chic look. It is feminine and although it is a striking non-nude color, red nail polish has become a neutral color. Because it has always been an important color for the woman. I myself think the dark variant is always a bit prettier, but if you are striking, then the other is beautiful too!


nr. 6 Nails On Fire


nr. 2 Bloody Mary To Go

Dark pastel / black

It’s about taking a dark pastel color or just a black color. Color black can also be lighter if you mixing it with a white color. This color is definitely edgy dumbfounded and very cool but definitely not just only for Gottics! If you do not feel like having fun in color, you can always use this! Also suits everything!


nr. 19 Johnny Deep


nr. 20 Black To The Routes


Off white

Something neutral white color can never hurt. It is different from all other nail polish colors I personally find. Why? Because it’s just so light and different. I do not like white so I chose this color. It looks much calmer I think.


nr. 15 Milky Bay


Bright color

Why not? A bright crazy color belongs to it? Does not matter which one. What eva you like. If you have a certain bright color detail in your clothing item, then use about the same nailpolish color, that is nice too. Complete your outfit for shure!


nr. 14 Mint Map


nr. 44 I Need Vitamin Sea


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