Review: Mascara Essence (english)


Essence: The false lashes mascara extreme volume & curl

For a long time I am a fan of Essence mascara. I think they are cheap and work well! The assortment regarding the mascara is great and so nice to be able to find one that suits you.

Should I be honest? I never bought a mascara over 6 euros. Why? Because those I buy under 6 euros just work very well! Anyway, I’ve been complimented for a long time by how long my eyelashes are so why change my strategy ?!


What I notice is that I often buy this mascara again and again when he runs out. It makes your lashes full but long 😍! Often there are mascara’s that make your eyelashes  long but not full enough.

Are you tired to buy expensive mascara or try out? And finally to be disappointed? Then I definitely recommend this mascara from Essence. If it’s nothing for you then you’ve lost  only a few euros at most. The assortment is also quite large as I said so experimenting can never hurt!

In Europe retails for; 2.89 euros!
In the USA retails for: 4,99 dollar !

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Top 5 Eye shadow colors !


Hello Uni’s!

Eye shadow. You like it or you don’t. In the past, I found it horrible, but in recent years I think completely different! It’s about how you apply it and what colors you use. That’s why I’ve added the eye shadow colors in the Top 5 series! It consists largely of natural tones. It is beautiful with all eye colors. And you can never go wrong because it’s neutral colors! If you never use eye shadow try it once. You will find out that it can do much with your eyes. To use much is not necessary. Often little is needed to create something beautiful and believe me, putting eye shadow on does not have to cost much effort.


The color is so neutral that it just can not go wrong. It fits every eye color and as long as you do not overdo it, it looks very neat. If you only make it easy at the arcade, it gives more depth. Apply it to your entire eyelid, then it will create a smokey eye look. TIP: I often use my bronzer as an eye shadow. The colors match exactly, making everything look much more natural!
52961f49eef841c503376d1b2c10b2a02. Red
With this color you have to be more careful! This color adds a lot to your eyes, but make sure you are not going too far! A little bit of application already does a lot. Each eye color will really jump out of this color. I think it’s very feminine and chic. If you find this too much then you can use any red eye shadow shades. It’s also just something different? TIP: Try to put a little eye shadow in this color under your lower eyelash border instead of on your eyelid. It gives a distinct and striking appearance. (I also do this sometimes, it is different and still beautiful)


This color, like the red, is not so neutral at all, but it often fits with all make-up looks. This color also fits nicely with both light and dark eye colors.
4. White / off white / beige
White or broken white or beige is really a must-have! This color can be used to make your eyes look bigger by applying it to your eyelid. TIP: Apply it to your eyelashes and under your eyebrows to highlight.
5. Orange
Kylie Jenner? If you know her then you know she’s crazy about this color eye shadow. It’s  a dreamy color and is beautiful. You can also apply this color just like the brown, to your arcade for more depth.


Sometimes I would like to use eye shadow but don’t want to spend too much effort. Let me be honest..  I’ve never really been wearing eye shadow with applying it for max 5 minutes! If I feel like it, I’ll do it often very fast and Spontaneously and often in matte colors. If I feel glamour then use beautiful glittering nature shades, also in the colors as you see above.

You also don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to eye shadows. I only use these to pallets from Maybelline. Easy and compact! so why not?

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Top 5 Must-have nail polish colors Catrice


Hello beautiful Uni’s !!

Since I started with the Top 5 series, I thought to pack it well! I think that every woman must have these 5-color nail polish colors in order to get the most out of the tip top look! I often buy Catrice nail polishes. They are pretty cheap, beautiful shiny and the packaging just looks good! As an example, I take the CatRice ICONails Gel Lacquer, but of course, it does not matter which brand you use.
Let’s begin;



These 2 nude colors match with literally all clothing styles! You never get to hate it because it’s a timeless neutral color. I often use the top color. But sometimes I find the bottom color also nice because its nice bright.


nr. 27 Lana Del Rey


nr. 22 100% Cotton


Chique red

Red, red and still red! Everyone knows that red nail polish is really a must-have! It gives your appearance a chic look. It is feminine and although it is a striking non-nude color, red nail polish has become a neutral color. Because it has always been an important color for the woman. I myself think the dark variant is always a bit prettier, but if you are striking, then the other is beautiful too!


nr. 6 Nails On Fire


nr. 2 Bloody Mary To Go

Dark pastel / black

It’s about taking a dark pastel color or just a black color. Color black can also be lighter if you mixing it with a white color. This color is definitely edgy dumbfounded and very cool but definitely not just only for Gottics! If you do not feel like having fun in color, you can always use this! Also suits everything!


nr. 19 Johnny Deep


nr. 20 Black To The Routes


Off white

Something neutral white color can never hurt. It is different from all other nail polish colors I personally find. Why? Because it’s just so light and different. I do not like white so I chose this color. It looks much calmer I think.


nr. 15 Milky Bay


Bright color

Why not? A bright crazy color belongs to it? Does not matter which one. What eva you like. If you have a certain bright color detail in your clothing item, then use about the same nailpolish color, that is nice too. Complete your outfit for shure!


nr. 14 Mint Map


nr. 44 I Need Vitamin Sea


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Review Bourjois Blush


Hello Uni’s I am back!

With the review of the Bourjois Blush. Why? The last year I use this product almost every day. It is easy to use, it is small which it makes easy to bring it with you in your little purse.

The color I use of this blush is called; Copper brown. It is different from the most other colors because it contains an orange tint. I’m so pleased with this blush that I really want to buy more colors! And this time in the pink shade.

This color you see above is very natural. The pigment isn’t very dark. But also not to light. You can build it up by applying more. The brush i really love ! It has a round end which makes your blush natural looking !! Especially if you used it on the apples of your cheek (I smile then I apply it).


If you love to only wear bronzer but you still want that little blush look then this color is perfect. The color range is wide, so if you are looking for an affordable handy blush maybe this one is really worth buying it!

If I had to give a grade: 9


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Review: Master Prime Maybelline


                                                              Hello beautiful Uni’s !

I have been looking for a good primer for some time now. One that does not dry out my skin. Last there was an action in my local drugstore; Maybelline second product for half the price. Since I often suffer from red-sensitive skin, I thought I’d like to try out Maybelline’s new master prime.
I already tested it in the store. I’ll be honest .. It pleased me well! It does not have that typical transparent gel texture. It feels between water and gel. And when you rub it out, it disappears to transparent. It’s so nice especially if you do not like to wear heavy makeup on some days or at all no make-up. The color itself is white with a very light green tint.

Foto 1: Primer
Foto 2: Primer wiped out


What is says on the website:
These three water-based primers are formulated for specific skin concerns. The lightweight and non-oily formula visually blurs skin tone imperfections, as it smoothes fine lines and helps makeup stay put. The formula does not clog pores.

I must say.. this primer makes your face look very natural. Even with foundations  or powder. I have often missed this with other primers of other brands. Finally, I have a primer who does!

It actually camouflages the red skin and neutralizes it in a natural way.

I have to be honest that I have an oily combination skin. If you do not like to have an oily skin at the end of the day, I would not recommend this. Personally, I have no trouble with this primer. That’s because it’s doing more good than bad. Normally I would have a bad hate but this time not. I wipe it off or remove my oil layer with a napkin. What else I think of this is that you can conceal your make-up easy trough the day. With some other primer this is not possible because it already ruined the texture of your skin.

– It makes your makeup look natural
– It neutralizes the red skin
– It it oil free.
– The price is good

– Your face will be a little bit of oil at the end of the day

If I could give a grade: 9 !


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Max Factor Face Finity Foundation


For several years I’m a fan of the Face Foundation Finity from Max Factor. This foundation has a very strong coverage. If you have problems with redness or blemishes / scars on your face then this foundation is definitely something for you. It really covers everything away. You don’t need much because it is gives you easy a full coverage.

I prefer to use this foundation with the beauty blender. Because. Although this foundation has not a thick consistency, after application it still looks a little bit dry. It depends of course on what you wear underneath. A moisturizer or a primer? Then it will be easy. Still prefer a beauty blender because the foundation in my opinion looks more natural with it. Even though it indicated that a primer is incorporated in the foundation.

The foundation is available in 14 different colors. I use the No. 75 Golden. It blooms on my face without an orange glow behind. For there is a yellow undertone in this color. If you do not find the right color you can always combine two colors! I wrote more information about this subject in another blog.

The Max Factor website there indicated:

Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1:

Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation holds like a primer, corrects like a concealer with the long lasting finish of a liquid foundation with SPF 20.

  • Lasts all day, giving a flawless finish (agree)
  • Primer gives a smooth base for hold (I must say that it is better than other full coverage foundations on the market because it is not too dry. But I still prefer using a primer underneath because it suits a little better for me)
  • Concealer corrects for a flawless look (agree!)

My rating: 8

I recommend this foundation most for girls who have a oily to combination Skin. If you have dry skin then I would certainly use a moisturizing day cream under the foundation.

I hope this information was helpful. Feel free to leave a comment!