Hope is special
Hope is everything,
If something comes out, it seems a miracle,
It lets us shine,
It lets us survive,
Do not let go our dreams ..
It lets us continue,
In this adventurous roller coaster ..
It allows us to be patient in this madness,
Let’s not give up hope.
Let’s pass on hope to everyone,
Hope is life,
Hope lets us live.





Life itself is an adventure.
It looks like a movie of which nobody but God knows how it will end.
Every day a (hopefully) new day.
Awareness of the chance that is caused by this is not spend..
Unfortunately but the reality of us human being..
Sometimes something bad must happen ten we realize, but lets realize it at this moment.
With me, lately the consciousness makes me more awake by the stories and events around me.
Let’s spend this exciting life, which we all need to cultivate with great value, with much laughter, togetherness, all love and respect.


Feeling great


Feeling great is a great feeling, despite what others feel.
YOU feel great and that’s what matters.
Try to enjoy the feeling as it lasts.
Cause you don’t know when the next disappointment will come.
Which you don’t have to think about on the moment you feel great!
That would ruin your beautiful moment of feeling great.
I feel great.


Creating new goals


Hi Uni’s !

I am pleased to confirm that I achieved one of my goals last month. It makes me very well aware that I get more confident and want to go through it. Want to continue developing myself and my possibilities. Expanding opportunities in life through the things I want. Let’s make a deal that we are all doing this? Achieving goals (do not matter 1 day, 1 year of 10 years it will take) achieve and then achieve new goals and go ahead.

It also gives a nice feeling. Such a beautiful pride that you can give yourself. Only you who can make it true and really do it by yourself. Achieving one goal can make you a person with so much more hope to continue. And to see that you are worth more in this life.


Nothing comes by itself. Everything needs to be done. It’s a lot of little .. nothing comes from itself, out of nowhere. If you really want something and it’s a realistic goal? Then create a schedule with a planning of how to achieve that goal. Then, be happy with your life, even if you’re in trouble. That’s just what’s makes life exciting and varied right? Okeee that might be al little too positive hahah! But you’re understand me, I hope so.

Do not worry too much about what you’re all about. Do not pretend (what sometimes can happen), then you’re not upset. People will take you less seriously later. But do not let anyone throw your goals into the deep. It is YOUR life, YOUR purpose (s), YOUR dream. You give your life a décor. Like your room or home or clothes or a blog. Try not to forget why you all doing it fore and stay patient.

We can handle it, let’s do it together!


Be the best version of yourself

Column/Poezie, Stories/Poetry-

We have to strive to be the best possible version of our self. If we are not doing that, then we are not living consciously.
We are just like robots living while each day past bye. Why are we like this? It sits within our genetics, our minds I think.
Its normal but not normalize this until you act like a robot. The bigger the unconsciousness the more you neglect yourself.
Maybe you don’t realize that in the moment but wait and see it will happen one day.

It will happen one day..
you will see and everyone will see the changing in your face..
thinking why now and not earlier why now..
I wish I knew earlier.. But that’s life and life goes on..
Even if its unconsciously, even if its in your face..
It will happen one day..

But it is never too late to find out and I think that the universe (God) will plan the time what has written for you. Which has a special reason for everyone.But we.. we humans have the heart that is given to us. So why not reflect to our inner self and see what has to be done.

See what has to be done..
The chances everyone has to face..
That is the hardest challenge to do, to admit to yourself what has to be changed
But also the  most overwhelmed beautiful feeling of freedom
When you are feeling you set free..
So see what has to be done..

Then there will be peace.


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Ramadan update! (englisch)


Hello Uni’s !

We are over the half of the Ramadan and what’s going on soon !!
I feel very good. This is my 2nd time of Ramadan and like the previous time  it’s a bit the same. Everywhere in common, good fit and not hungry or thirsty. But okay .. feeling sleepy and sometimes feeling hungry but only after 4 or 5 hours after noon I get that and keep it well. In the beginning, I suffered from one day headache, but that’s all and it happened in the 1st day so that’s normal.

In some days I feel a lot of emptiness in my stomach or stomach. And suddenly it starts to work .. It does not feel fine, but I realize at the time my body is detoxified and has planned a very detox cleaning!

Healthy food is also one of the things I think is important every day in the Ramadan but also outside of the Ramadan times. But especially during the Ramadan because you have to pick up your daily life like work, school, exams, and more! Vegetables and fruit so. I try to eat fruit every night and different nuts, such as walnuts almonds etc. This month, I realize that we put too much (literally everything and whenever we want!) too much food in our mouths without realizing what we are putting in our mouths. We do so many things unconsciously which is really bizarre. A human needs only a certain amount of food, drink, clothing and living materials to survive. And do we have more than enough? Then that’s not bad, as long as we appreciate what we have, don’t overreact and help others.

I try to keep myself busy with important things like spirituality, environment and personal goals. I also try to wipe out the struggles that I usually share with, by not paying too much negative attention or tackling them properly. I feel more productive and creative. Prioritizing the important aspects of life has always been my goal, but just this month you will be forced to look at it. Back to basic is the correct name for that. Love, peace and acceptance is what ultimately counts!

How are things going with you? Let me know at the bottom!




Lets Reunite beautifull souls!


Lets get closer. Lets reunite together. Lets combined peace and knowlegde.

So I want to aks you.. comment below to begin with. And write the things you love to be reality in this insane world. Tell me your thoughts!

You have to react the comment above (is it also what you wish for or can you understand it?) and ten tell your wishes.

We shall create a place were we connect more at a peacefull manner. If you are here and reading this then definately comment ok? We bring people together by talking and not by liking a post only.

So lets reunite beautifull souls!

We are who we are

Column/Poezie, Stories/Poetry-

We are who we are.
Just like the glittering star. Above so high and safe.
For others to see and for others to enjoy.
But yet not so untouchable and free from hurt.

But we, we are who we are..
Different like anyone else. That makes one each person unique.
Sometimes hard to believing yourself that is right. So we sometimes feel so week.
Why not behave like the star so light. It tells you to look at me. Shining so bright.
In the dark feeling so free.

Doubting and competing each other with bad deeds and materials.
Not knowing we all will stand one day for trial.
Now hoping that the others realize that they can chance the way they are.
The sens and value of what is when we are who we are.. wishing just to be like the star.




Column/Poezie, Stories/Poetry-


So afraid..
For others who think but think ugly.
For others who make an opinion but not a positive one.
For others who see but not see the real thing.
For others who relate but not tell.
For others who judge and not afraid to show.

Why are we so afraid?
For others who disappoints other souls yet they do what they want.
For others who need to wear you a mask and can not resist if you take it off.

But really..