OOTD nr 10! (outfit of the day)

Fashion, Fashion-

Olaa Uni’s!

Today was a beautiful day in the nature! As you can see the sun was shining so it couldn’t be better. 🌷☀ I walked quite a lot but I did wear my comfy new shoes so it was oké.


I must say that the skirt is in the size M. I know I normally fit size S or XS.. but there wasn’t any in my size left and the skirt was in sale so i bought it! What do you think.. does it look oke?


Skirt: from Nike
T-shirt: from ZARA
Bag: from ZARA
Sunglasses: from Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes: from Nike
Rings: H&M

The shoes I bought recently from my day out (blog post OOTD nr 8). I have very small feet. Size 36 but mostly size 35! These sneakers were from the kids department. I know I have lucky because it quite often is cheaper! You also don’t have to worry about laces getting loos every time right?! 😆

I finally cut my nails a little bit shorter! The ring on my middle finger I like so much.. The upper and the lower part sit loose so it moves!
Here you see a close up of my favorite sunglasses.


By beautiful souls! Hope you liked it.
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OOTD nr 9 (outfit of the day)

Fashion, Fashion-

Hello dear Uni’s !

Another OOTD with a casual outfit!
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The t-shirt is from the men department! It is pink en cute so i thought why not?
I also brought my second-hand jeans vest with me, in case it gets could.

Skirt: from ZARA
T-shirt: from Pull and Bear (men department!)
Shoes: oldie from All-Star Converse
Cute bag?: from ZARA
Jeans vest: second hand

I really like the cotton black skirt. It reminds me of flamingo dancing haha. It fits very comfy and looks casual but still put together you know?

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Ramadan update! (englisch)


Hello Uni’s !

We are over the half of the Ramadan and what’s going on soon !!
I feel very good. This is my 2nd time of Ramadan and like the previous time  it’s a bit the same. Everywhere in common, good fit and not hungry or thirsty. But okay .. feeling sleepy and sometimes feeling hungry but only after 4 or 5 hours after noon I get that and keep it well. In the beginning, I suffered from one day headache, but that’s all and it happened in the 1st day so that’s normal.

In some days I feel a lot of emptiness in my stomach or stomach. And suddenly it starts to work .. It does not feel fine, but I realize at the time my body is detoxified and has planned a very detox cleaning!

Healthy food is also one of the things I think is important every day in the Ramadan but also outside of the Ramadan times. But especially during the Ramadan because you have to pick up your daily life like work, school, exams, and more! Vegetables and fruit so. I try to eat fruit every night and different nuts, such as walnuts almonds etc. This month, I realize that we put too much (literally everything and whenever we want!) too much food in our mouths without realizing what we are putting in our mouths. We do so many things unconsciously which is really bizarre. A human needs only a certain amount of food, drink, clothing and living materials to survive. And do we have more than enough? Then that’s not bad, as long as we appreciate what we have, don’t overreact and help others.

I try to keep myself busy with important things like spirituality, environment and personal goals. I also try to wipe out the struggles that I usually share with, by not paying too much negative attention or tackling them properly. I feel more productive and creative. Prioritizing the important aspects of life has always been my goal, but just this month you will be forced to look at it. Back to basic is the correct name for that. Love, peace and acceptance is what ultimately counts!

How are things going with you? Let me know at the bottom!




Mijn simpele favo salade!


Mijn simpele favo zelf gemaakte salade bestaat uit:

  • Komkommer (op mijn foto zie je de kleine kommertjes die haal ik altijd bij de turkse supermarkt. Vind ze persoonlijk véél smaakvoller dan de normale grote komkommers die ik soms ook haal bij de appie of elders)
  • Cherry tomaatjes
  • Sla (maakt niet uit welke, welke je lekker vind)
  • Wortel (van mij zijn kant en klaar geraspte lekker makkelijk)
  • Geroosterde sesamzaadjes


Hoe maak ik de dressing?

  • Pak een steelpan en doe 2 eetlepel ketjap manis saus erin. Kort laten opwarmen dan vuur uit.
  • Voeg halve lepel curry toe. Goed roeren.
  • Kleine theelepel bruine suiker bijvoegen. Weer roeren.
  • Voeg daarna verse citroen (ik doe altijd veel vind ik lekker)
  • De geroosterde sesamzaadjes kan je hier ook bij invoegen! Maar ik doe het ook los erbij voor in de salade (hou veel van sesam, zorgt voor lekkere bite en smaak)
  • Klaar is kees.

Ben je geen vegetarier of vegan? Dan is deze salade ook heerlijk met stukjes kipfilet erin. Samen met saus is dat een lekker combo. Probeer een keer uit zou ik zeggen! De saus is lekker zoet maar komt weer in evenwicht door de citroen. Het is heel erg simpel maar toch heel lekker. Vaak eet ik een grote kom salade voor overdag. Lekker eten en toch gezond bezig. Als het kan waarom ook niet?



Healthy (vegan) snack


Waarom niet snacken? Het is lekker en iedereen heeft er vaak zin in. Het gemene is dat het vaak ongezond is..  Lekker op de bank hangen, tv kijken met een zak chips Doritos of thee met veel chocolade koekjes. Maar wat als het ook gezond kan? Wat ik vaak in de avond na etenstijd neem is een kopje thee of wat anders.. zie foto hiernaast! Het bestaat uit Alpro Mild & Creamy vanille smaak (zuivelvrij/vegan). Dit is een alternatief voor yoghurt. Dus ook voor de vegans of mensen die geen zuivel eten een prima alternatief!

Je kan dit combineren met verschillende fruitsoorten. Ik combineer het bijna altijd met blauwe bessen en aardbei. Ook weleens met banaan. Heerlijk! Mijn geheime ingrediënt om het nog lekkerder te maken? :
– geraspte pure chocola (ik vind van de Lindt Excellence 85& cacao heel lekker!
– en / of een klein beetje koek & speculaas kruiden (zorgt voor een hele andere smaak sensatie!)


Mijn healthy avond (of tussendoor) toetje

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Ginger tea


I drink ginger tea a few times a week. This holds in 2 to 3 times. Why I do this is very simple. I think it taste delicious and because it is healthy. Also because it is very different from all other teas flavors. And not to forget: it is pure and fresh.

How to make my Fresh Ginger Tea:

  • Boil water with the kettle.
  • Grab a piece of organic ginger root and wash it. Dry it off.
  • Cut the ginger into small pieces. It does not have to be perfect.
  • Water is now cooked. Put the water in a teapot and put the pieces of ginger into it (the amount can be determined by yourself. I myself use half a ginger root).
  • Put the pot on the fire and cook at low fire for a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes (the longer you cook, the stronger and darker the tea will be!).
  • Pour the tea into a cup and enjoy! Voila!

Benefits of ginger tea:

  • Promotion of the stool
  • Helps with nausea
  • Helps a bloated belly
  • Promoting blood circulation
  • Helps detoxify your body
  • Creation of saliva and thus better digestion of proteins and thus better absorption of nutrients
  • Supports weight loss, as additional support in addition to a healthy diet and regular movement
  • Illumination of migraine and reduction of attacks on regular eating of ginger
  • Ginger is a natural blood thinner (not recommended in combination with aspirin or other blood thinners)

Many advantages!

The tea is the best when you drink it hot. You feel your body getting warm from inside. Sometimes it feels a bit sour in your throat, but thats why ginger tea is so delicious!

You can vary ginger tea as you like. With cinnamon, lemon or honey for example. What I like is to combine it with honey. It gives a sweet taste to your tea and it is soothing for your throat (if you have a cold!).

Ginger tea thaws your blood so do not use it (for the girls among us) too often during your period. Also, after swallowing of paracetamol or other medicines that dilute your blood.


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