OOTD nr 10! (outfit of the day)

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Olaa Uni’s!

Today was a beautiful day in the nature! As you can see the sun was shining so it couldn’t be better. 🌷☀ I walked quite a lot but I did wear my comfy new shoes so it was oké.


I must say that the skirt is in the size M. I know I normally fit size S or XS.. but there wasn’t any in my size left and the skirt was in sale so i bought it! What do you think.. does it look oke?


Skirt: from Nike
T-shirt: from ZARA
Bag: from ZARA
Sunglasses: from Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes: from Nike
Rings: H&M

The shoes I bought recently from my day out (blog post OOTD nr 8). I have very small feet. Size 36 but mostly size 35! These sneakers were from the kids department. I know I have lucky because it quite often is cheaper! You also don’t have to worry about laces getting loos every time right?! 😆

I finally cut my nails a little bit shorter! The ring on my middle finger I like so much.. The upper and the lower part sit loose so it moves!
Here you see a close up of my favorite sunglasses.


By beautiful souls! Hope you liked it.
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OOTD nr 9 (outfit of the day)

Fashion, Fashion-

Hello dear Uni’s !

Another OOTD with a casual outfit!
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The t-shirt is from the men department! It is pink en cute so i thought why not?
I also brought my second-hand jeans vest with me, in case it gets could.

Skirt: from ZARA
T-shirt: from Pull and Bear (men department!)
Shoes: oldie from All-Star Converse
Cute bag?: from ZARA
Jeans vest: second hand

I really like the cotton black skirt. It reminds me of flamingo dancing haha. It fits very comfy and looks casual but still put together you know?

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OOTD nr 8 (outfit of the day)

Fashion, Fashion-

Hello lovely Uni’s

I am back with an another OOTD!
I went to the Sales Outlet Stores in the city Roermond (Holland). You have every known brand for much less. I didn’t buy much because in some of the stores there were people waiting in a line before you could go in. It was so busy!



It was a beautiful day with nice weather. But it was also pretty cool, so I decided to wear my jeans jacket.


You guys know I wear everyday this same watch. I also wear my favorite army shoes.
The whole outfit is a bit tough but the pineapple bag makes the outfit a bit more sweet.
I do not know if there is a rule that denim with denim could not be combined? But lately, I notice that I often do this .. I really do think it has something!

Watch: from GUESS
Jeans: from ZARA
Jacket: an oldie from ZARA
Shoes/bag/blouse: from ZARA
Rings: from H&M


I know my nails are too long right? They just grow to fast.. don’t know why or how! These rings i bought the day before. It was in sale for only 2 or 3 euros at H&M. Love them so much!

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OOTD nr 7 (outfit of the day)

Fashion, Fashion-

A beautiful day at the park

Hello beautiful Uni’s!
Today I went to the park. Feeling happy in the mother nature!

As you can see I wore my lovely black shoes again. Paired with my new pineapple bag I got from Zara! The blouse I wore is a little on the big size as you all can see. But the reason why is because it is (once again) from the men department ! I really loved the old pink color and the edgy fabric, so I bought it. Not every garment has to be tight right?

Here you see my new little pineapple bag. My make-up and cards fit in so it can become handy if you don’t like to wear a big bag every time. The colors are very neutral so it fits with almost everything you wear. Cute right?! 😍

Jeans: from Zara
Blouse: from men department Zara
Bag: from Zara
Shoes: from Zara
Glasses: Brilerbij.nl
Rings: from forever 21 & H&M

OMG almost everything I wore is from Zara HAHAH


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OOTD nr 6 (outfit of the day)

Fashion, Fashion-

It was a warm day. But not too hot. So i decided to worn my lovely skirt I got from Monky. It looks very casual but not too much. You get me? It still looks classy because of the material hihi.

Skirt: from Monky
T-shirt: from Monky
Sneakers: Nike
Hair band: from H&M



The skirt you can wear it in 2 different ways. With or without the two bands. You can wear the bands criss cross or individual in two straight lines. If you don’t like the band you can remove them by unbutton them. I noticed that i don’t wear nail-polish anymore! I just to lazy the last few month. Don’t know why, just don’t have the patient to wait till the nail-polish is dry. And after a few days it already looks ugly pff. 😩



Uni’s I hope you don’t mind my smiley faces. I am still a bit new with this all and little bit uncomfortable to show my face, hope you understand! 😚😚


OOTD 4 (outfit of the day)

Fashion, Fashion-

Hello beauties all over the world. Here is my OOTD nr 4. The long jeans jacket is second-hand and I am obsessed with it! It is so eighties ! Especially with the big puffy sleefs. I love that the color is black with green element to it. It really makes it so different  ten anything else.


Long jeans jacket: second-hand
Skirt: H&M
Blouse: H&M
Sneakers: Nike
Glasses: www.brilerbij.nl



Here you see the jacket closed. When I first tried the jacket on it strikes me that it is very detailed! And I mean especially by the waist section! In the second photo you see the green seam much better. It also has 2 pockets down side and also above. One with a zipper, so very handy for money or telephone. I really love this jacket!

What I don’t like about this bag is that it doesn’t close very good. It quit often but despite that I wear it because I like the natural color with the golden element. It makes it so classy right?



Fashion, Fashion-

My OOTD nr 2.

I really do like this jeans. It is actually a jegging so its strechy wich I prefer in a jeans. The vest is also from Zara and it matches with almost everything. It makes a boring outfit more interesting. Dont you think? Little bit more casual en funky! Especially with the boots together. That finished the outfit.

Vest: from Zara
Jeans: from Zara
Blouse and bag: from H&M
Shoes: from Zara
Rings: from Primark
Watch: from Guess

The accessoires are my must haves. The bag I use everyday. My laptop and all my books and make-up inside! The rings were a set from Primark and in sale for only 1 euro haha! Lately I love to weare many rings togheter.

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:by Unimo

OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) NR 1

Fashion, Fashion-

Hello Unimo’s!

Today i felt like I wanted to show you my OOTD. It is not anything special but why not? I often feel inspired when I see other outfits. So maby you also will be inspired to see mine?




I really like neutral colors. And also layers. Layers of clothing will make your outfit a bit more interesting, even if its not HAHA! But it really works. Especially if you wear one statement item. Just like mine striped t-shirt. Lately I go to the men department in several stores. I don´t know why but the fit is sometimes perfect. It is edgy, cooler and a little bit longer and it suits! The cotton fabric is mostly a bit harder than the ladies shirts but I like that because the model is better to see like this. So why not? If you look for a simple t-shirt or a blouse (like mine black blouse with knots) and you cant find anything? Look at the men’s department!


Outfit look again (better angle)


Black high waist jeans: ZARA
Tshirt: Monkey
Shirt: Men department haha! from H&M
Fake leather jacket: from Primark
Sunglasses: from http://www.brilerbij.nl
Watch: from Guess



Shoes from ZARA (last winter collection)

Hope you like it! If you want more let me know for sure !

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:by Unimo